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Una gema escondida en Plone 4

Hoy me encontré con una gema escondida en Plone 4. Se trata de la posibilidad de abrir imágenes en un overlay, pipbox o facebox.

Instalando Gnome Shell en Natty

Después de instalar Ubuntu Natty en una Dell Latitude D620 con 512 MB de RAM, noté un poco lento el Unity. La expansión de RAM tardará algunos días en llegar así que le instalé Gnome Shell y me gustó.

Create your own private egg repository on amazon EC2

I want a private Python egg repository (basic authentication) and I want it on the cloud. Let’s see how it goes.

Setup Debian server for python deployment

Some notes about setting up a Debian 5.05 server for python webapp deployment. Note: this post should have been posted 3 or 4 months ago ;)) Yeeha! New server!

A buildout nano-framework for building Plone 4 sites

We are rolling out our 6th Plone deployment and I wanted to adopt the most standard way of rolling our backups. After some tinkering, I came up with, what I call a nano-framework for buildout configuration.

Infraestructura Pythonesca en iServices

(This post is in spanish and is somewhat more directed to the spanish-speaking world).