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Setup Debian server for python deployment

Some notes about setting up a Debian 5.05 server for python webapp deployment. Note: this post should have been posted 3 or 4 months ago ;)) Yeeha! New server!

A buildout nano-framework for building Plone 4 sites

We are rolling out our 6th Plone deployment and I wanted to adopt the most standard way of rolling our backups. After some tinkering, I came up with, what I call a nano-framework for buildout configuration.

Infraestructura Pythonesca en iServices

(This post is in spanish and is somewhat more directed to the spanish-speaking world).

Accessing Ext4 volumes on MacOS X

Due to some hardware issues with my Laptop PC, I’m temporarily moving from Ubuntu to MacOS X. But first, I need to move my all my files to this mac machine. For different reasons I don’t want USB external drives with NTFS, and formatted my external drive as ext4. This is a small HOW-TO for enabling ext2/ext3/ext4 drives on your mac. Accessing Ext4 volumes on MacOS X

Plone and Apache 2.2

Weirdness with Plone and Apache 2.2

Our first Plone4 site available to the public


This is what I did to integrate a Plone 4 site. It features: Plone4, webcoturier.dropdownmenu, Products.Carousel and Products.Collage

Hola mundo con twitter y python

Notas del curso de API de twitter en el Campus Party México

Anouncing public alpha for eduIntelligent LCMS

eduIntelligent-LCMS is a Learning Content Management System focused on creating course content but with the advantage of supporting SCORM and static content. It’s all based on Plone 3.

Plone and security

My site has been experiencing some downtime this week. The reasons are various. I’ve heard that Plone is very secure, but, how secure it is and what can one do in order to avoid downtime, resist some attacks and so?

Theming Plone 4 - Part 2

On Part two, I am going to document how to take one template and “translate” it for Plone. I am using a very simple template from Finally, all the code I made will be uploaded to GITHUB