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Plone and Apache 2.2

Weirdness with Plone and Apache 2.2

Our first Plone4 site available to the public


This is what I did to integrate a Plone 4 site. It features: Plone4, webcoturier.dropdownmenu, Products.Carousel and Products.Collage

Hola mundo con twitter y python

Notas del curso de API de twitter en el Campus Party México

Anouncing public alpha for eduIntelligent LCMS

eduIntelligent-LCMS is a Learning Content Management System focused on creating course content but with the advantage of supporting SCORM and static content. It’s all based on Plone 3.

Plone and security

My site has been experiencing some downtime this week. The reasons are various. I’ve heard that Plone is very secure, but, how secure it is and what can one do in order to avoid downtime, resist some attacks and so?

Theming Plone 4 - Part 2

On Part two, I am going to document how to take one template and “translate” it for Plone. I am using a very simple template from Finally, all the code I made will be uploaded to GITHUB

Theming Plone 4 - Part 1

Lately I’ve been doing themes for Plone 4. I forget things, so these notes serve as documentation for some tricks I usally do for theming. There might be better ways to do some of them, so your comments are greatly appreciated. The audience is for anyone who has previous experience with buildout, Plone, Plone theming and related technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and so on.

A buildout for Plone 3.3.5+fss+relstorage

This is an uncommon Plone buildout. There is no ZODB. Instead, we use FileSystemStorage for files, images, and so on, and RelStorage for storing everything else in a relational DB.

Migrating data from Plone 3.2.1 to Plone 4.0b2

These are my notes about the process for migrating data from Plone 3 to Plone4.

Mis mañas para debuggear Zope/Plone

Pongo un par de mañas que uso para depurar y desarrollar aplicaciones Zope y Plone.