GTG: Enabling missing plugins for Fedora 20

Published: Dec 10, 2013 by Noe Nieto

I Like Get Things Gnome and fedora 20 brings GTG 0.3.1; but after installing it I realized that some plugins were not available. Where are they? This question made me realize that the GTG package for Fedora needs to add a couple of dependencies. So here’s how I managed to enable Remember the milk and mantis

    yum install -y python-dateutil python-suds

Unfortunately, the dependencies for the launchpad plugin are not available in the default Fedora repositories and RPMFusion is not available for Fedora 20 yet (as of Dec, 10, 2013).

As for the evolution plugin, I couldn’t find any dependency that would provide the module named evolution in Python. I don’t use Evolution at all, but someone else will feel disappointed.