Announcing iservices.rssdocument

Published: Nov 15, 2011 by Noe Nieto

Note: I no longer work for iServices, but they kindly asked me to release an updated version. They own me a pizza for this.


I wanted to embedd RSS Feeds directly into Plone and Products.Collage, but I wanted not to store the entries in the ZODB. However, I could not find any suitable product for that task. I did not searched very hard anyway. So I ended up cooking 2 products: iservices.rssdocument and collective.collage.rssdocument.

What does it do?

iservices.rssdocument provides a RSSDocument content-type. This RSSDocument needs two things (well, three): A Title, the URL of the RSS from which you want to retrieve data from, and the number of entries to display.

With that data on place, it will use a jQuery plugin from which uses Google’s AJAX Feed API to parse the RSS or ATOM and get JSON data of the parsed Feed and finally embedd it into Plone. There is no interaction with the ZODB appart for retrieving the URL, title, description and number of entries to display. So, it’s speed and reliability depends upon external factors to plone.

collective.collage.rssdocument reuses rssdocument into a Collage. So this is an Add-on that allows me to do that. It only provides the “standard” view for the collage. That’s just exactly what I needed for my purposes.

Where do I get it?

These two products are already available in Pypi:

They are also available on the collective:

Final note: It just works with latest versions with plone4.