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Published: Jan 17, 2009 by Noe Nieto

I’m gathering different links to server performance. This is in strong bias to Plone, Zope and Python web servers.

Benchmark of Python Web Servers By Nicholas Piël March 15, 2010

It has been a while since the Socket Benchmark of Asynchronous server. That benchmark looked specifically at the raw socket performance of various frameworks. Which was being benchmarked by doing a regular HTTP request against the TCP server. The server itself was dumb and did not actually understand the headers being send to it. In this benchmark i will be looking at how different WSGI servers perform at exactly that task; the handling of a full HTTP request.


Asynchronous Servers in Python Nicholas Piël December 22, 2009

There has already been written a lot on the C10K problem and it is known that the only viable option to handle LOTS of concurrent connections is to handle them asynchronously. This also shows that for massively concurrent problems, such as lots of parallel comet connections, the GIL in Python is a non-issue as we handle the concurrent connections in a single thread.

In this post i am going to look at a selection of asynchronous servers implemented in Python.



We hear all the time from web designers that they spend countless hours and resources trying to speed up their web pages’ download time because they believe that people are turned off by slow-loading pages. Their concerns have been amplified by experts like Jakob Nielsen who asserts that users become frustrated after waiting too long for pages to load. It makes sense that a slow loading page is unusable. We know that if a page takes 2 hours to load, chances are people will abandon their tasks. But when does download time go from too slow to fast enough?


I Poop on Designing for Scalability by Elizabeth Leddy

Some random notes about programming for scalability. Link

Elizabeth Leddy: Unloading Plone: Approaching Scalability in Integrated Plone Systems by Maurits van Rees

While there is an abundance of documentation on ways to achieve better performance with Plone, there is nothing quite like actually doing it, especially with other system components getting in the way. This case based look at the performance and scaling of Plone as part of an integrated system will cover perceived front-end latency, system stability as related to Plone responsiveness, and how to set up a hardware forward architecture. This talk is meant for designers and integrators of large Plone installations.


Plone Scaling and Performance (Work in Progress)

This is an informal place to organize thoughts and ideas about scaling plone (including performance). I wanted to have a workspace where people can freely contribute and once things are more solidified then I’ll take the time to format into one cohesive “thing” and publish on Feel free to contribute wherever you would like, big or small, and make sure to pimp yourself in the contributors section.


Unloading Plone by Elizabeth Eddy (Slides in slideshare)

These are the slides form Elizabeth Leddy’s talk in Plone Conf.


Unloading Plone by Elizabeth Eddy (Video from PloneConf 2009)

This is the video from Elizabeth Leddy’s talk in PloneConf 2009.