Porting your xdv theme to plone.app.theming

Published: Jul 13, 2011 by Noe Nieto


This is a list of tasks to remind me what to do when porting a xdv theme to plone.app.theming.

Replace “my.theme” or “my/theme” with your theme namespace.

Use Plone 4.1

Migrate site to Plone 4.1 or add proper version dependencies to “extends” sections on buildout.

Add setuptools dependency on plone.app.theming

Depend on plone.app.theming on setup.py:

 # -*- Extra requirements: -*-

Update GS Profile

If working on a egg, change the profile dependency from collective.xdv to plone.app.theming. On profiles/default/metadata.xml locate the following line:


And change it to:


Also create the file profiles/default/theme.xml with the following contents (This also enables the theme upon installation):


On the top level resource directory …

Change the rules.xml namespace. Open rules.xml (and other xml files) on you static directory. Change the xml namespace from:





Then, on my/theme/configure.zcml locate this line:

<include package="collective.xdv" />

And change it to:

<include package="plone.app.theming" />

Move theme parameters to manifest.cfg

New features of plone.app.theming include multiple themes and packaging themes in ZIP files.

Themes on ZIP files and themes developed on the file system can include a manifest.cfg file, with the classic INI file format, that includes the following:

title = My Theme
description = Description of your theme
rules = /++theme++my.theme/directory/rules.xml
prefix = /++theme++my.theme/directory

That file serves as a replacement for some settings that you’d normally insert into plone.app.registry using registry.xml import step.