Anouncing public alpha for eduIntelligent LCMS

Published: Jun 16, 2010 by Noe Nieto

eduIntelligent-LCMS is a Learning Content Management System focused on creating course content but with the advantage of supporting SCORM and static content. It’s all based on Plone 3.


  • Learning Content Management System based on Plone 3
  • Manage Courses, Lessons, Assignments and Exams.
  • Descriptive statistics analysis
  • Supports content in formats like OER, SCORM and IMS.
  • Content types for book bibliography and Glossary terms
  • General visit history for students.
  • Message system for portal users.

Status of the project

eduIntelligent consist of several modules. We needed to modify some of them in order to make a public release. You might find a lot of errors. Please, bear wth us while we clean up the code and fix all the possible errors. Contributors are welcome. Where do I get it?

The source code and buildout are in GitHub:

Kind Regards.

Noe Nieto iServices de México